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The Dashboard sign tells me that WordPress 3.1 is available now.
Not gona do this up while, just for “Lightbox 2″ plugin.
How come the plugin sleep only for IE ?
You will be come soon, I believe.

The left image ?
It is a cut in a movie made by Blender2.65a today.
I regret a lot that I had being out of practice long time.

how can I say something for the earthquake that was the biggest in Japanese history ?
Mmmm !

WordPress のダッシュボードがバージョンアップを告げていますが、今回はお気に入りのプラグイン「Lightbox 2」を生かしたくて見送ることに。
左の画像は、今日作った 3DCGムービー の一場面。
Blender はやはり素晴らしいソフトでした。

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