TwentyTen Five

This Site on WordPress3 is viewed by HTML5.
Not so many changes conpairing with TwentyTen, I guess, I hope.

WordPress のテンプレートをデフォルトの TwentyTen から HTML5 の TewntyTen Five にしました。そんなに大きな変更ではない、ですよね、、、。

Birthday with chocolate cake

My Choco Birthday

Fellows celebrated my birthday on Monday, that made me happy.
Lovely company custom.
Thank you guys !

By the way, Wp-Jquery-lightbox plug-in is working well on WordPress 3.1.2.
Check this page out !



ところで、Wp-Jquery-lightbox プラグインが WordPress 3.1.2 で快調に動いてます。
このページでご確認ください !

Lightbox2 will be

The Dashboard sign tells me that WordPress 3.1 is available now.
Not gona do this up while, just for “Lightbox 2″ plugin.
How come the plugin sleep only for IE ?
You will be come soon, I believe.

The left image ?
It is a cut in a movie made by Blender2.65a today.
I regret a lot that I had being out of practice long time.

how can I say something for the earthquake that was the biggest in Japanese history ?
Mmmm !

WordPress のダッシュボードがバージョンアップを告げていますが、今回はお気に入りのプラグイン「Lightbox 2」を生かしたくて見送ることに。
左の画像は、今日作った 3DCGムービー の一場面。
Blender はやはり素晴らしいソフトでした。

Redirection to Log-in page

Before that, I did installed a plugin "
syntaxhighlighter" to make this notes.
If you set this plugin into V2.x then it looks easier to copy sources by clicking icon, but I set V3.x that is possible to control just by double clicking…. Selfish ?

OK now !

Top page redirection, e.g. members only "Alumni-site"

In “wp-blog-header.php”, insert lines blow just before “wp();”

  if (is_user_logged_in()){
  else {

WordPress を会員専用サイトなどに使う時のリダイレクションのメモ。